Essential Elements to Our Approach

Functional Lab Analysis

We believe in the principle test, don’t guess; so from the very beginning, we assess digestion, hormones, and comprehensive blood work. This allows us to take a bird’s eye view before we begin.

Individualized, Comprehensive Strategy

This is no cookie-cutter approach! With insight into how your systems are (or aren’t) working together, we can map out a plan that puts the steps to healing in the right order.

Personal Support

Our patients get one-on-one care. Whether you’re meeting with Dr. Dalili to fine tune your healing protocol or getting support & accountability through our Success Check Points, you always have our undivided attention.


We use customized tools to frequently assess your progress along the way, helping us to ensure that we get your to your goal line. This also helps you to learn how to listen and respond to the queues your body is giving you, promoting life-long balance.


We are 100% committed to you and your goals. We ask that you are equally committed to you and your goals. That’s why we start with a 6-month, high-touch wellness program specifically designed to provide the support and structure needed to ensure your success.

Live vibrantly. We can help.


You have things to do and a life to live. There are people who depend on the best version of you showing up daily.

In a life that requires all of you, there’s simply no time to be exhausted, stuck on the couch with a headache, or curled up in bed with a hot water bottle.

At the Montana Center for Vibrant Living, we are here to help you uncover and resolve the root cause of your health concerns so that you can get back to what matters – your family, a long hike with your dog, your creative pursuits, an adventurous weekend, that business you’ve always wanted to develop…

What’s important to you is important to us! Our goal is to help you feel the way you want and need to feel in order to live the life you choose to live.


Common Conditions We Help


It is not natural to wake up wondering when you can go back to sleep, but there are MANY things that can leave us feeling exactly like that. 

Nutrients… Hormones…Sleep dysfunction. We explore them all.


Dr. Dalili is Missoula’s expert in Hashimoto’s.

If your immune system and the rest of your body are on the outs, we can help you mend the relationship by combining targeted support with total body balance.


You will never hear us say, “Your labs are normal. It’s all in your head.”

There are a number of biological imbalances that – if left unidentified and unaddressed – can make it almost impossible to concentrate, feel balanced, or have excitement for life. 


Indigestion, bloating or sluggishness after meals, constipation or loose stools? 

We will help you dial in your diet and address any additional challenges to healthy digestion. This may include food sensitivity testing, but it’s usually not the first step.


Acne, PMS, heavy menses, painful menses, and irregular menses…

We can help you balance your cycle so that time of the month doesn’t run your life.


There’s more to balancing blood sugar than simply counting carbs, calories or steps. 

Blood sugar irregularities are a symptom of global hormonal imbalance, and we can support you in addressing the underlying cause while supporting  your body to relieve current symptoms. 

professional experience. personal obsession


Dr. Dalili is unique even among Naturopathic Physicians.

She helps with all things hormone… exhaustion, blood sugar balance, PMS & hot flashes, anxiety & depression, and inability to lose weight. 

She also has extensive experience with auto-immune and inflammatory conditions, with approximately half of her practice being focused on helping those with Hashimoto’s recover. 

If you are exhausted, depressed, or struggling with a body that no longer feels like one you recognize, Dr. Dalili is the physician for you.