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Balance. Restore. Energize

Discover what’s possible through a comprehensive naturopathic approach to hormonal balance, metabolic restoration, and mood support.


What if

every single morning, you woke up feeling refreshed, motivated and confident to tackle the day instead of hitting that snooze button…

What if

you got dressed every morning without ever dropping an f-bomb…

What if

your PMS was a thing of the past, and your period was so smooth that you didn’t have to think twice about your cycle when planning a trip or vacation …

What if

you could get more done in less time AND still have an abundance of energy at the end of the day to enjoy quality time with the people you love…

without the confusion, guessing games, another cleanse, or a shopping bag full of worthless supplements.

You’ve been wanting this for a long time, but… 


You were telling yourself that “it’s not bad enough” — you were getting by, so you kept pushing through until you burned out.


Your doctor said “your labs are normal,” and you seem “fine” to others, so you were trying to accept this is your new normal.


You kept putting the needs of others ahead of your own, not fully recognizing the value of your health nor the benefit of investing in yourself.


You let the fear that your partner just wouldn’t get it lead you to hide how bad you actually feel.

And now you’re ready…



I know what it’s like to drag myself out of bed, depend on coffee to get through a day, nibble at salads while still gaining weight, and struggle to make it through a month without curling up in a puddle of tears.

At times, I felt so desperate for an answer that I’d do anything to feel balanced, vibrant, and free from the roller coaster of symptoms.

I did all the diets.

I exercised until my feet blistered.

I tried supplements, cleanses, meditations…


In search of the pretty-skinny-happy formula, I went to Naturopath medical school (I’m not kidding) and studied both Eating Psychology and Transformational Coaching.

I developed my approach after spending years searching for a solution that, at the time, simply didn’t exist.

Early on, I learned the hard way that you can do what appears to be all the right things and still never make real progress. Unless you GET TO THE ROOT, it’s just not possible to make profound AND sustainable strides towards optimal health.

So I took a deep dive into health and personal development.

I’ve now spent close to two decades learning everything I possibly could about my body from a physiological, biological, and energetic level in an effort to heal at the deepest level.

Now, it’s my life’s mission to teach other growth-minded women how to do the same so they can feel their absolute best… allowing them to make a bigger and better impact in their families & relationships, in their work, and in the world.

Why I work with goal-oriented &
growth-minded women.

Normal has never been your goal.

You don’t get caught up comparing yourself to others. The success you seek is more about being THE BEST VERSION OF YOU rather than meeting someone else’s arbitrary standard.

You trust your GUT and INTELLECT at the same time. And you realize you have to prioritize your HEALTH in order to continue sharing your gifts and showing up even more for yourself and the people you love.

You want more than INFORMATION. You’re ready for TRANSFORMATION .

Concerns we can help.

“I lost over 40 lbs in 6 months.”

“Dr. Dalili’s true skill is helping with the things I didn’t even realize where getting in the way. With her support, I’ve been able to follow through, and I feel amazing.”

“No one has worked harder to figure out what’s actually going on.”

“I was so tired of feeling blown off. I’m so grateful to have someone who actually listens and cares.”

How we make the magic happen.

functional lab work

comprehensive functional labs to provide the necessary insight to and address the root cause of your concern.

personalized support

individualized clinical guidance and transformational tools to help you make your life and health goals your reality.

Join us for a high-touch wellness program that gives you 1-on-1 support to help you optimize your health in a completely customized way. This is your secret weapon for living the vibrant life you’ve been craving.

professional experience. personal obsession


Dr. Dalili is unique even among Naturopathic Physicians.

She helps with all things hormone… exhaustion, blood sugar balance, PMS & hot flashes, anxiety & depression, and inability to lose weight. 

She also has extensive experience with auto-immune and inflammatory conditions, with approximately half of her practice being focused on helping those with Hashimoto’s recover. 

If you are exhausted, depressed, or struggling with a body that no longer feels like one you recognize, Dr. Dalili is the physician for you.